Album Review: Instant Gratification – Dance Gavin Dance

It seems that Dance Gavin Dance are now more comfortable in their own skin than they’ve ever been with the creation of their best album to date. Instant Gratification, produced again by Kris Crummett (Issues, Slaves, Crown The Empire), who has worked with the band since its debut EP in 2006, marks the band’s sixth full-length album and is the first time in eight years that the same duo of vocalists have been on back-to-back albums. Dance Gavin Dance have managed to exploit the strongest elements of their music and have only grown into more cohesive and powerful musicians.

The album features some of the best guitar work that Will Swan has come up with by being able to match the intensity of vocalist Jon Mess with powerful riffs and also being able to come back and bring in some more finesse to accompany singer Tilian Pearson and his soaring vocals. The band have never been more cohesive together as the whole album ebbs and flows with each instrument and each little part of the album coming together as one.

Swan also features more rapping on the track “Eagle vs. Crows”, which begins with a groove between Swan and Mess setting the stage for Pearson to come in and pick it up where they left off that leads into one of the more off-the-wall but impressive Dance Gavin Dance songs. The band’s single “On The Run”, released on February 12, features just how powerful of a combination Mess and Pearson are as the two vocalists trade on and off and go back and forth to keep things interesting. These two vocalists are the best in the scene and this album perfectly showcases why. The juxtaposition of Pearson’s elegant and poppy vocals and Mess’ fierce screams will never bring a dull moment.

Overall, this album shows why Dance Gavin Dance is showing no signs of slowing down and why they can be considered one of the best bands right now. The musicianship of each member is perfectly resembled in this album and it will be hard to top in the future.


Check out: “Stroke God, Millionaire”



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