Recent Favorites: Episode I

This is the part of my blog where I discuss some of the artists and albums that I have recently been listening to a lot and giving a brief explanation about what kind of music it is and why I find it so enjoyable. Hell, you may even find an artist that you’ve never listened to (at least that’s the goal anyway).

Capsize – A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me

So let’s talk about this new Capsize album really quick; Capsize has changed quite a bit (hence the album name). This is vocalist Daniel Wand ‘s first attempt at using clean vocals more than his screaming technique, and he pretty much killed it throughout the whole album. Before, Capsize fit perfectly within the melodic hardcore genre (Angst In My Veins), but now, they’ve turned the tables and now are taking a more post-hardcore approach to their sound, reminiscent of Underoath and the early stages of The Used [a lá The Used (2002)], but they don’t lose any of their dark-themed lyrical content that reinforces the honest and raw part that makes this band who they are.

Also if you think Capsize have completely abandoned their old sound, think again; they still have remnants of their older sound, and makes for an interesting and refreshing mix of style. And now, Capsize is at the forefront of the emo revival with their new album which was released on July 22nd. If you’ve never listened to this band before, I urge you not to sleep on them.

Favorite Track: The Same Pain 



Incendiary – Cost of Living

Just recently I have been rediscovering my enjoyment for hardcore music and this album by New York hardcore outfit Incendiary is probably one of my favorite hardcore albums of all time. Vocalist Brendan Garone’s lyrical content is full of themes such as the greed of American politics, revenge, and other topics that along with their earth shattering breakdowns and mind-numbing guitar riffs, will make it hard not to want to get up an move. The other great thing about this album is that you can tell it apart from other hardcore bands. Incendiary delivers their own unique sound in the hardcore genre and any fan of the genre won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately, Incendiary hasn’t been active or a little while now, but if this is the last thing we hear from Incendiary, it’s a pretty damn good album to remember them by. (UPDATE: Incendiary has actually been playing quite a few festivals and shows in the Northeast, and have hinted at a new album in 2017, so be on the lookout for that)

Favorite track: Snake



Emarosa – 131

With Emarosa’s sophomore album under dynamic frontman Bradley Walden, there was a lot up in the air during the writing process of this album. No one knew what to expect, but Walden wanted this album to break from any old ideas of Emarosa, most notably the Jonny Craig era of the band. With this album, they succeeded in doing that. Now moving towards an alternative-rock direction, Walden was determined to change this band into something he knew that it could be. During the writing and recording process, Walden talked about how when they wrote and recorded their previous album Mad, he felt that he was catering to what people still expected the album to be, but with 131, he had a newfound freedom with his writing process.

From Walden’s big, powerful, hard-hitting choruses to his intricate soul vocal style, this album doesn’t disappoint. The lyrical content really also delves deeper into some very intimate and sensitive topics; for example the hardship of going through a miscarriage, as heard on Miracle. It took me a little bit for it to grow on me, but once I appreciated it for what it was and appreciated the new era of Emarosa, I realized it’s a truly honest, beautiful, and incredible work of art.

Favorite Track: Young Lonely




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