Album Review: Code Orange – Forever

Dark. Aggressive. Heavy. Unforgiving. Melodic. Forever, Code Orange’s third full-length album and label debut on Roadrunner Records, creates a new definition of who Code Orange is.

I’m calling it; Album of the Year and January hasn’t even ended yet. Forever marks Code Orange’s most ambitious effort to date, with the band exploring new sounds without losing their roots. Code Orange went back to producer Kurt Ballou for most of the album, and also brought in producer Will Yip (Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, Title Fight) to contribute to the new album. It is more apparent than ever now that if you try to put Code Orange’s sound in one room, they will blow the walls down and rip the foundation apart.

While Code Orange brings the same aggression and intensity that was present in their previous album, I Am King, some tracks take a more melodic approach, but don’t lose sight of the eerie and evil sound that defines the record. Drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan (cited from Exclaim!) states “We applied different styles of songwriting, but sound-wise we wanted those more melodic tracks to be like an evil Nirvana, or Alice in Chains.” And they nailed it.

Another interesting aspect of Code Orange’s sound that they have expanded on is the use of electronics, an effort used in order to attempt to make their sound more monumental. Also within the album, Code Orange uses them to throw off the listener. You’ll think a song will take a certain direction, but then be thrown off by sinister electronic sounds, changing the dynamics of the song, only to come back swinging full force.

This is the best hardcore (should I even call it that?) record that I’ve ever heard, and Code Orange show no signs of slowing down. With a full-length album out on Roadrunner Records, crafting a whole new live show presentation, and even adding an unnamed fifth member, Code Orange is showing the world that they don’t care what anyone thinks and breaking down the barriers of what it means to make a hardcore record.

Code Orange released Forever on January 13, 2017 on Roadrunner Records.


Listen to: Real

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Album Review: Casey – Love Is Not Enough

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my first post of the new year to a new installment of something I like to call, “Albums That Probably Should Have Been On My 2016 Album Of The Year List But I Was Too Stupid To Check Them Out Earlier.” Today, I bring you a band from Wales, UK known as Casey, who frankly, is an incredibly underrated band for how good this album is. This album is definitely in my top five of 2016 hands down, I apologize for not realizing that earlier.

Every now and then, there’s always a band that gives you hope that a genre is still alive and well and Casey does just that. Their album Love Is Not Enough brings new hope to the melodic hardcore genre and I’m hoping this album moves the band forward and brings them the attention they deserve. (Hint hint, come to the U.S.)

The best thing about this album is the amount of different emotions that is expressed in the lyrics. Feelings of anger, despair, abandonment and many others all rolled into one collective masterpiece.

I was haunted by the emptiness that filled the hole you left/ A grave I still can’t bring myself to visit yet/ Though I won’t be losing sleep, I still refuse to forget/ 
It took me so long to admit we were dead/
But we were dead.
You buried it/ in the backyard of a house that we built with our bare hands/
Where you said we’d grow old together.

For anyone that’s a fan of this genre of music, this will be your new favorite band, guaranteed. This is a heavy, hard-hitting, emotional, heart-wrenching album that deserves way more attention than it has. There’s really no other way to describe it with words; this is an album that has to be felt.


Unfortunately, it’s not available on iTunes, but here is a Youtube link to a full stream of the album:

Also, you can buy their album from their website once they get it back up and running.

Favorite Track: Haze

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