Featured Artist: avoid.

Welcome to another artist feature! This time, I feature avoid. from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Since forming in March 2015, they’ve quickly grown their fanbase with their combination of passion, storytelling, and intensity in their music. In this post we talk about their single Once | Again, their partnership with Dreambound, an organization formed to promote and support up-and-coming melodic bands from all over the world, and some recent and upcoming tours. avoid. is made up of vocalist Nick Booth, guitarist/vocalist Chris Boeck, guitarist Dylan Giberson, bassist Jon Grimm, and drummer Josephine Gale.

FFO: La Dispute, Touché Amoré, and Defeater

Let’s talk about the beginnings of the band…Where did the name avoid. come from? How did the band come together?

“After the breakup of my old band I just wanted to start a band with this sound I’d had in mind for a while before that. I linked up with Chris and the rest fell in place.

Our name is a play off an old song I wrote called “A Void”.  We live in a society where it’s commonplace to bury your problems and cover up the dark in your life. We wanted to write music that brought a lot of these things to the surface to be talked out. Thus we became, avoid.”

You guys recently partnered with Dreambound for your new single “Once | Again”. What has the response been like so far on your music video?

“It’s been incredible! We’ve never  felt so supported before and it’s a great feeling. We’ve really noticed our fan base growing on every social media outlet. That partnership definitely did what we hoped for.”

You can view the music video here.

What’s the story behind “Once | Again”? What was your main inspiration for releasing the two songs as one music video?

“I could go on for ages on defining what I intended while writing and give details on every aspect of those songs lyrically but ultimately I want people to find their own meaning.  I will say it’s a story that highlights love, loss,  dependency, and how mental illness fits in with it all.  I can also say we are not done with that storyline.

Ultimately, we wanted to create a story. So lyrically, instrumentally, and visually it’s supposed to fit together. We take it as a compliment when people believe it’s just one nine minute song.

I love bands like Defeater and La Dispute and admire the way they write in concept so fluently. One thing I never saw those bands do though was put a real prolonged visual image behind their releases. The video is one person’s take on that whole story. We just thought it would be a cool thing for listeners to watch and maybe relate the music to.”

You guys also just wrapped up touring with Rose Gold this past January…what was that experience like/what was your favorite thing about the tour?

“So cool. They’re a great band but even greater people. We were a bit nervous going in as that was our first real tour. We hoped all would go smooth and we would get along but it absolutely crushed our expectations. Definitely have some interest in doing more runs with those guys.

As far as favorite things go seeing the coast and playing in Texas were huge highlights. We were the furthest from home we’d been. With Rose Gold, our favorite thing was playing tour H.O.R.S.E. A game we will not lose again.”

The band is also about to head out on another tour in March/April with Welcome Home. What are you most excited about for that tour?

“Those are some of our best friends. They’ve believed in and supported us before almost anyone did. Without being too sappy, we’re all ecstatic to spend two weeks with them and watch them perform every night. They’re are headed somewhere big.

Apart from that, we’re super excited to go south and back. Traveling outside of Iowa is a blessing we’ve been able to do more as of recently and we’re just enjoying every minute of it.”

What does 2017 look like for the band and what can fans expect from you guys in the future?

“More tours and tracking a new EP!”

Anything else you would like to include that I didn’t mention?

“Just that we’re grateful for everyone that’s supported us so far. We just want to continue to make music we love and spend time we those we share passions with and love for.  Keep your eyes out for more tours and music announcements coming soon!”

avoid. released Once | Again on September 30, 2016.

1. Once

2. Again

iTunes: http://apple.co/2m8XNBF


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