Featured Artist: Boys Home

Welcome to a new artist feature! Today, I’m writing about my conversation with Christian Nichols from Boys Home (formerly known as Bruise) from Kansas. I played with these guys quite a while ago at a house show in Kansas City and they were awesome. They reminded me of some old, angsty Title Fight, which I’m all about.

The band formed in January 2016, and their debut EP Mary, Your Son Has Left Me was released in July 2016; now they are currently in the studio working on their new full-length album (title hasn’t been disclosed yet) and how excited they feel about it makes me that much more excited to hear their new music. Writing this new album, their main influences are Hum, Jimmy Eat World, and Smashing Pumpkins. With some recent lineup changes, a new record coming out and over 100 days of touring planned this year, you don’t want to miss out on these guys!

What’s the story behind the formation of Boys Home (formerly known as Bruise)?

Lennon (our drummer) and myself were in a band prior to this that started in 2009. Towards the tail end of 2015, we realized our tastes were changing and our desire to be out on the road and touring became something we absolutely had to stop putting on the back burner. Our happiness kind of depended on it. So we started what was then Bruise in hopes to write music that was incredibly honest with the goal of touring as much as we possibly could.

What was the reason behind changing the name from Bruise to Boys Home?

When we started Bruise…we were aware of a contemporary rock duo from the UK with the same name, but they didn’t seem as active. Right around the time we started Bruise, there was a hardcore band from Indiana that also started under the same name. After both bands began getting tagged in the wrong events and such, we felt it was smart to move forth with a name change. We felt Boys Home was the only fitting name after throwing around about a million ideas.

Your debut EP Mary, Your Son Has Left Me was released in July 2016…after having been released for a while, what are the band’s feelings about the EP as you are recording a new record?

The one-year “birthday” for Mary will be in July. That record was a “photograph” of a moment in time for us. We still believe in that record and we still love it. We’re working on a full-length right now and it’s quite a departure from Mary. It’s less pissed off and more optimistic.

What’s the story behind the title of the EP?

We wrote MYSHLM in a transitional period of our lives. It was just Lennon and I at the time. We approached everything on that EP from two perspectives: a very literal side of us that was struggling with the ideas of life, death, and a greater purpose, and a metaphorical side that was very much about the transitional phase we were going through. It’s about realizing you no longer identify with the surroundings that used to be so familiar to you.

It appears Boys Home has been busy trying to tour as much as possible, touring off the release of your debut EP last summer with two more tours following…does the band have any specific touring plans for 2017 after the new record is finished?

We have set a goal for a total of at least one hundred days on the road this year. We did just over sixty days last year. We are very proud of LP1 and want to properly promote it by being on the road as much as possible.

Any good tour stories from your tours last year?

Our first tour as Bruise we got to hang out with some homies in the OKC area. After the show we met up with them at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Someone ended up with a pretzel and it just so happened we had a baseball bat in our van. We ended up playing pretzel baseball and it was way tight.

Boys Home - Pretzel Baseball
Just a casual game of pretzel baseball between friends. Photo credit: Steinmiller Productions

What are you guys most excited about as you are recording this album?

We’re really just happy with the fact that we feel like these songs are completely genuine and really sincere. They’re very emotional and I think it marks an important period for us, personally, as songwriters. We poured a lot into this record.

The band recorded their debut EP with Cody Nichols at Revealed Studios in Chanute, KS…what was the reason you guys wanted to go back and work with him for your new record?

Because he kills it more and more each time, haha. He really knows what we’re after and he’s always doing whatever it is that he can to give these songs their own little world to live in. Sonically, the LP is the best sounding thing we’ve done in our musical careers, I think.

Anything you want to tell the fans about your new record? What can they expect?

Any previous fans are definitely going to find a couple of gems on the record that are extensions of what we were doing last year but it will also be full of surprises. It definitely has a more optimistic outlook than the EP.

They can also expect a shift in sound. We’re still the same band. We’re just trying to look at the world around us a little differently. I think that’s something you hear in the record. I also think listeners can expect a “moment” in almost every song. A moment that’s almost an epiphany in the story of each song. I think there’s at least a song for everyone on here. I don’t know…we’ll let you check it out for yourself!

Anything you guys want to mention that I left out?

We’re about to announce a cool run with our friends in Glacier Veins, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for those dates!

Mary, Your Son Has Left Me was released July 7, 2016 and can be found at boyshome.bandcamp.com

As always, I’m going to leave you with my favorite track from the band. Here’s Lighten Up, Kid:


Boys Home Promo with Logo
Boys Home is: Christian Nichols (guitar and vocals), Lennon Nichols (drums and vocals), and Logan Herrera (bass and vocals) Photo credit: Jacob Gill

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