Boys Home debut new single “Pretty Death” from new album “Wishbone”

Oh, man, am I excited about this. Today, I am doing something new and premiering the first single from the new album Wishbone by Boys Home! If you recall, I did an interview with these guys about a month ago and I was so excited to hear their new music and trust me, this new song doesn’t disappoint. Boys Home have perfectly crafted their indie-punk sound and this new album is going to be well worth the wait. When I was listening to this new song, some of the bands that came to mind were Hum, early Sunny Day Real Estate, and early Title Fight, and a mix of all of these sounds creates something beautiful.

Their new album Wishbone will be released on June 23, 2017. Stream the new track and check out an interview about the new song/album below!

Where did the inspiration for this new single come from? What’s the song written about?

Christian: “This was a pivotal point in the writing process for us. When I sat down to write this song all of the words kind of poured out. Some almost subconsciously. I was really just trying to capture the moment I was living in. I was really emotionally unstable, my great-grandmother had just passed. The whole song is a conversation with myself really. I felt like I was constantly having to fix myself and apologize to those around me for my instability.”

What was the decision-making process like choosing the first single to release and why did you guys ultimately decide on Pretty Death?

Lennon: “Choosing the single was kind of a mutual thing. I had fallen asleep in the studio the night Christian finished up the guitars on Pretty Death. The next morning the dudes played it back for me and I was just like  “Fuck, I don’t know about you guys but I think that’s the first single right there!” And Christian and Logan were hyped on that idea. And that was that.” 

Looking ahead to the eventual release of your new album Wishbone, what are you guys most excited about with this new album?

Logan: “For me personally, I’m excited because it’s my first record with Boys Home. It’s a little different from my other band, Four Arm Shiver. So I’m interested to see what people think. Christian and Lennon are great song writers so I imagine people are going to impressed.”

Where did the inspiration come from for the name of your new album and what meaning does it hold for you guys?

Christian: “When writing this record I really began to realize that we ride through life on a thread of uncertainty. For me, personally, I kept letting that fear of uncertainty have too much power over me and I made an effort to change. The album itself picks up where we left off with the last record and progressively gets more and more optimistic.”

Your guys’ songwriting just keeps getting better and better…was there any different way that you guys approached this album songwriting wise?

Lennon: “This record writing wise was a bit of a diversion from “Mary, Your Son Has Left Me”. With that last record we were just angry. We played hard and fast, we tried to really bring out the emotion in the lyrics but, we wanted a really raw feel with the songs, their lyrics, and their structures.

With Wishbone we’ve taken time to really bring out the dynamics in these songs and wrote slightly more technical musically. We just wanted this record to be strong and unique and I think we’ve captured that.”


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