Featured Artist: Rain Check

Hello, everyone! Today, I give you my interview with pop-punk/alternative band Rain Check from Abilene, Texas, the youngest band that I’ve gotten to write about so far. They have just finished up recording their debut EP, citing sound influences from The Story So Far, Citizen, and Balance and Composure. Ever since forming this past December, they already have big plans for themselves and have shown to have a promising future. Be sure to check them out and be on the lookout for their debut EP!

How did the band initially come together? Where did the inspiration for the band name come from?

The four musicians in the band had been in another band previous to this one. We wanted to go a different direction musically so we parted ways with the singer we had and formed Rain Check. We added Tyler for vocals and we are really happy with the direction we are going. The band name itself actually just came by chance. We were tossing around ideas and that one stuck.

Does the band have any big plans for 2017? Are there any specific things you want to accomplish before the year is over as a newer band to make a name for yourselves?

Well first thing is to put out music. We are so excited about the songs we have and what they bring. We are influenced by a lot of bands but we definitely want to carve out our own niche. After that we want to do a small tour and just keep writing.

I’ve come to know a lot of awesome bands from Texas…what is the local music scene in Texas like? Has it felt like a good place to start the band?

The Texas scene varies a lot depending on what city you’re in. Abilene is weird because population wise it’s pretty good size but there isn’t a huge music scene. Most of the bands are either country or hardcore/metal so we are an anomaly. That being said overall the scene is pretty awesome and Texas has so many different cities and scenes that you can play for a lot of different people without leaving the state.

What’s the story behind your acoustic track Closure? Does the song have any special meaning to anyone in the band specifically or the band as a whole?

Tyler: “When I first wrote closure it was when I was deployed overseas and I could not get over the nauseous feeling of my relationship ending so I just decided to try and write some lyrics depicting exactly how I felt to get it off my chest. They were nothing flashy. Just raw and honest lyrics. It ended up helping me get through one of the toughest times in my life being so far away from my home and the people that I love. The reason I make music is to give myself an outlet of pure emotion that people can relate to and hopefully my words resonate within someone and makes a difference.”

Who will you guys be recording your debut EP with and why did you choose them?

We are recording with Luke Garrigus at Blackroom Studios. Luke has worked with friends of ours and all of his work is really top notch so we are excited. He has done bands with a variety of sounds and our music has some range from standard pop punk fare to darker more alternative sounding stuff so we wanted someone that can cover a lot of ground.

What kind of topics will the band be exploring lyrically on the EP?

Tyler: “My lyrics on the EP are basically me going through a grieving process. With Cauterize it’s the initial pain I felt. Ghost talks about how I can’t stop thinking about how I want her to come back. Life Lessons explains how I’m coming to terms with it and how I’m learning from my mistakes. Stuck is mainly how I couldn’t move forward. Pieces talks about how I beat myself up about it and viewing myself as a bad person and eventually contemplating suicide.”

Check out their acoustic track, Closure:


Thanks for reading!

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