Featured Artist: From Dust To Beating Hearts

Welcome everyone to another artist feature! Today, I introduce to you McPherson, Kansas natives, From Dust To Beating Hearts, an indie/post-rock band that formed in September 2014. They recently released their new album Consume Me on June 19th, an album that the band describes as a narrative of self-discovery and doubt that comes from their own struggle and questions in life.

For fans of Foxing, From Indian Lakes, and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, the album aims to carve out its own niche in the indie-rock genre, characterized by swelling dynamics, somber guitars, and powerful, emotional vocals that aim to not only make the listener understand the lyrics, but also understand the feeling behind them. The most powerful of this collection of songs is the title track, Consume Me, that builds up to the biggest moment on the album, started by lead vocalist Kole Waters screaming some of the defining lyrics on the album:

Is there something more satisfying? 
Is there something great on other side? 
I’m killing myself every night.

Other notable tracks on the album include Come Back, one of the more upbeat tracks featuring intricate guitar riffs and an underlying pulsing drum beat that explains the feeling of abandonment and loneliness, as well as Doubt Reassured. The perfect bookend on the album, this spoken-word track showcases spacey guitar riffs and some of the most honest and heartfelt lyrics on the album:

Then I can’t help but taste every lie and curse, 
Every inclination to run or bury myself in the earth. 
Despite everything I have and haven’t heard, 
You are my doubt reassured.

Stream the album below as well as read a brief interview with the band:

Tell me about the history of the band and how you guys came together.

We all met while attending Central Christian College of Kansas. We we’re all part of the music department, and some of us were roommates. Finding five guys who wanted to play the same music was pretty rare in a music department of only 20 people or so. After our fast jam session, we knew that we could make something good together.

What’s the meaning behind your band name?

Kole (lead singer/rhythm guitarist) and Jake K. (bassist) came up with the name. “From Dust To Beating Hearts” is basically a symbol of our growth as people and how life changes us.

You guys recently wrapped up a tour with my friends in Boys Home…what was the experience like?

Kole: “Our tour was a roller coaster of ups and downs. On the third day of tour, the van broke down. We missed to dates in Arkansas while it was getting fixed. The first show after getting our van back was in Shreveport, LA. That was by far the most energetic show we played. The whole crowd was making the floor shake. It was definitely what we need after a discouraging few days. While we were in Oklahoma City, we set up to play a show. I strummed two chords and the the power went out. We had to tear the stage down without playing anything. The timing was just uncanny. It was really great to be with our dudes in Boys Home for a couple weeks, though. We never got tired of their set. If anyone reading this hasn’t peeped their album Wishbone, they need to as soon as possible. It’s so good.”

Moving on to your new album, tell me a little bit about the story behind it and what kinds of lyrical topics are explored on the album?

Kole: “I wrote all of the lyrics on the album. The album was written over a year and half of time, so it covers some diverse topics. The central theme to our album is doubting what we know to be true and trying to become better people than we were yesterday. We covered topics from lost love to self-worth. It’s a pretty vague description, but I could write on our lyrics for hours.”

What has the response been like so far?

Silent Film has been our favorite song to perform. Even though the song is lengthy, it seems to connect with the audience the best. There’s something about large dynamics that people can really get into. It’s been amazing to see people on tour jam out to songs they haven’t heard before.

Do you guys have a personal favorite from the album, and if so, why is that particular track your favorite?

Everything is our all around favorite. I think it just connects to us and the doubts we have about what we believe. There is something cathartic about shouting, “Could you be everything we are not?”

Check out our website and links:








Thanks everyone for reading!


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