Downtown City Radio to release new EP “Real American” Nov. 21st

Welcome back everyone! Today, I’m going to introduce you to one of your new favorite up-and-coming pop-punk bands and tell you a little bit about their new EP Real American set for release this Tuesday, November 21st. Hailing from Lubbock, TX, the band are proving that both the genre and the Texas music scene are alive and thriving, mixing familiar pop-punk elements, a splash of soul, and bringing it all crashing down with heavy-hitting breakdowns.

The new EP can be characterized by a bright and sunny sounding brand of pop-punk, but don’t let that distract you from the very real lyrical topics explored within the tracks. An album created from raw, unfiltered twenty-something angst, this EP is meant to explore the feeling of growing up and coming into your own in a world that you just don’t seem to fit in and you feel misplaced.

“Passionfruit”, the third track on the EP and the heaviest, opens with a punch in the face breakdown followed by hands-down the catchiest chorus on the EP that’s sure to get you singing along in no time. The lyrics explore the idea of being there for someone through their tough times and trying to be the reason that they see life a little bit differently. “21st St.” explores the idea of urban decay and how the world has left some things behind and left things to be forgotten in our modern society. Opening track “Sad Endings!” talks about trying to figure yourself out and figure out who you are when you thought you had no idea who you are.

Real American will be a game-changer for the band, showing everyone what they’re truly made of. It has something enjoyable for music listeners of all types. Be sure to check it out when it drops on Nov. 21st and check out a brief interview with the band below!


Tell me a little bit about the history of the band and how you guys came together.

“Downtown City Radio started in 2016, and we started writing and playing lit local shows, which led up to our first EP, Hazy Nights. This last year, two of our members graduated from college and decided to move on, so we added two guys who had written and toured with us during the past year, Caleb (guitar) and Travis (drums), to fill their spots. We all really gel together, so we were able to put together this latest EP as an A1 team with the old and new line-up.”

Your new EP Real American comes out in just a few days on November 21st. Can you explain a little bit about the story behind the EP and what kinds of topics are explored lyrically?

“The title, Real American, is kind of a tongue-in-cheek jab at the middle-class lifestyle, as told by twenty-somethings looking for a place to fit in. Lyrically, we wanted to write about the people around us and how they pursue the American Dream. ‘Sad Endings!’ is an ode to getting your headspace right. ‘Alicia’ is sort of a spanish Romeo and Juliet story. ‘Passionfruit’ is our version of Same Love (by Macklemore). Finally, ‘21st St’ talks about urban decay and the culture it creates.”

What does the EP mean for the band and what are you most excited about leading up to the release?

“We’re super proud of this EP, and finally being able to record music we love was awesome. We had a sort of rough experience on our first EP, so going into the studio with the guys at Blackdoor was a great experience because they really helped us make our sound happen.  Literally since the moment we finished recording we have been dying to release it.”

Is there anything specifically you hope people will take away from the EP after listening to it?

“We absolutely hope that when people listen, it stands out to them as something different. The style we built is pretty different from what you hear in the scene right now; we kind of married our pop punk roots with breakdowns and R&B melodies, which is definitely not something most bands are working on. I think overall, we hope people take home new ideas and it opens doors that inspire them in some way.”

Any specific plans in the near future after the release of the EP?

World domination. Also, we’ve got an upcoming tour we put together ourselves that will take us through Texas. Around that same time, we’ll be taking some demos we’ve been working on and heading back into the studio.

Real american


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