avoid. to release new EP ‘Everything Ends’ on February 16th

On Friday, February 16th, melodic-hardcore band avoid. will be releasing their second EP ‘Everything Ends’, an EP full of passion, compelling stories, heartbreak, intensity, and sadness. For anyone who is familiar with avoid. know that storytelling is a huge part of what makes their music what it is, and ‘Everything Ends’ is no different. Behind the clever instrumentals that create a feeling of despair and melancholy, the words bursting above the accompaniment tell of stories that leave the listener feeling a tug at their heart strings…all making the listening experience that much more real.

The lead track on the EP Father’s Eyes opens up this story for the listener, describing the story of a man who is dealing with the loss of his mother and his resent for his father, but trying to grapple with the burdens laid on his life and wondering if he’ll be a spitting image of a man he grew to hate. The EP takes the listener throughout many moments in the character’s timeline, including points of view from his childhood and his present feelings about how his past defined him.

The following track Mercy feels like a follow-up to Father’s Eyes in which the character goes more in depth with the reasons of the resentment towards his father. The character brings us inside the final days of his mother’s life and how his father did nothing to care for her (Call me a cancer/You left your love dying in the dust/Don’t call, you know I wouldn’t answer/I can’t bear to hear you call me your son).

The best stories are often the ones that make the listener feel captivated and can imagine themselves within a storyline…and that’s what avoid. have done with this EP. It tells a tale of heartbreak, sadness, regret, and hate. An underlying message exists though, which is there’s always hope for those who are struggling, even after going through traumatic experiences that make them feel like all hope is lost. I urge you to dive into this story and please listen to this EP, because you will not regret it. Check out an interview with vocalist Nick Booth who goes a little more in-depth with the meaning behind the EP.

You can also stream their lead single Home below:

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From what I understand, your new EP ‘Everything Ends’ is a little bit of a departure stylistically than your debut EP ‘There Is Always A Reason To Carry On’…can you tell me a little bit about what’s changed from the first EP to now?

“Definitely. I really think the change has come from a multitude of things. This is our first release with our drummer Alex and bassist Jon so automatically having those member changes effected our landscape a bit.

Though, above anything, as we’ve gone through the past couple years as a band we’ve really just learned more of what we like and don’t like in what we make. Lyrically and instrumentally it’s darker than our last EP and I think when people hear it they’ll recognize that change pretty easily and hopefully enjoy it.”

Can you tell me a little bit about the story behind the title ‘Everything Ends’ and how you decided it should be the title for the new EP?

“The title actually comes from one of the lyrics on the track Lullaby. Nothing truly stays forever besides a feeling or memory. It’s important to embrace them because eventually it’s all we’ll have.”

In the lyrics on this EP, it seems like the main theme is a man that claims to be a father but really left the two people he claimed to love with unanswered questions and a feeling of brokenness. Am I right to assume that or is there a deeper story going on within the songs?

“That’s a big part of it. The full concept behind this record is that of a prequel to our most recent release ‘Once | Again’. This EP switches between his childhood in songs like Mercy, and Lullaby while songs like Home, Father’s Eyes, and Regret show his life in more of the present day while Parasite shows his struggle with mental illness which has an evident effect on his view and mindset throughout the rest of the EP.

The major points in the story deal with the death of his mother from cancer and his inner-conflict following the death of his father who he resents for the treatment of his mother throughout their relationship and during her last days but notices their similarities and struggles further with spending time trying to make him proud. Something he hadn’t done since he was young. His character is thrown out into the world with these huge burdens and a lot of hidden baggage and expected to function normally. Ultimately it’s about the search for self and love which at times feels like a hopeless task.”

avoid. has always been a band that has used very effective storytelling tactics within their songs. Is that something you feel is very important when writing songs? If so, why do you feel it’s so important for musicians to be open and honest in their music?

“Writing has always been something therapeutic for me and more so a way for me to cope with what’s in front of me so it’s really not something that crosses my mind often. I think growing up in this scene and sort of subculture, going to DIY shows, I’ve found a sense of honesty and relation through so bands and friends. We’re here to share our stories and express ourselves authentically. It’s important for us all to keep ourselves in check that way.”

Why did you feel that Home was a good choice for the lead single from the EP?

“Funny enough, Father’s Eyes was supposed to be the lead single with Home following as a second single. However, we had issues with finishing our video in time for it. We wanted to show Home before the release because we felt it was a good representation of what the EP heads towards.”