Welcome to The Record Report!

The Record Report began as a simple newspaper column in a high school newspaper, offering a place for underground music to shine and have a voice, and that same principle still guides us today. Here you will find things such as artist features, album reviews, exclusive interviews, and more, hoping to shine some more light and give a voice to underground bands and artists.

If you’re new around here, be sure to check out some of the older material we’ve published! Who knows, you might find your next favorite band (you probably will). There’s also a fun little subscription feature where you can type in your e-mail address and be updated anytime we’ve got some new music for you to check out! Don’t worry, I don’t have direct access to your e-mail and I’m too busy throughout the day to spam people’s inboxes.

Thanks for checking us out and also, please reach out! If you would like me to feature your band/album/new single or you know of an awesome band that you would like to pitch, include band name, contact info, and social media outlets. Or you can contact me just to chat. You can also just reach out to tell us you hate the blog, if you want.  Free speech, am I right?

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